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Obtain the Yard You Desire

Cape Girardeau: It is time you get what you want out of your lawn service! Whatever your lawn needs our lawn care professionals are just a phone call, facebook message, text, or email away.

  • We don't just cut your grass, we create curb appeal!
  • We provide personal and professional attention to your yard from the very first visit, with our thorough walk through and intake process, so that we know exactly what you want for your lawn.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are exceeded. Whether it's basic weekly lawn maintenance, or a one-time project, Mike's Mowing and More is ready to help you get it done, and get it done RIGHT the first time!
  • We sharpen our blades daily, as well as perform touch ups out in the field as necessary to ensure that your lawn gets the best cut; preventing those "split, brown, dead ends" that dull blades cause by tearing your grass, versus cutting your grass.
  • We cut your lawn at an optimal height, preventing thatch build up, which can suffocate your lawn, or cause brown spots and disease to develop over time without appropriate professional attention.
  • We leave your lawn better than we found it; picking up and removing trash, small limbs, sticks, and other debris.
  • Variable mowing schedule that accommodates fluctuating local weather and growth pattern(s) of your lawn from early spring to the first snow.
  • We offer several different options for your budget:
  • Premium full service option includes weekly mow, trim, blow of excess grass from property...including street curbs, soil testing, weeding of flower beds/landscaping, trimming/pruning of small trees and bushes, lime treatment, spring & fall fertilizer, as well as spot spray weed control in cracks in your driveway/sidewalk.
  • Mid-grade service option includes weekly mow, trim, blow of excess grass from property...including street curbs, weeding of flower beds/landscaping, pruning of small trees and bushes, as well as spot spray weed control in cracks of your driveway/sidewalk.
  • Basic weekly/biweekly service option includes mow, trim, blow of excess grass from property...including street curbs.
  • Vacation option includes your choice of any of the above options for the duration of your vacation.
  • One-time option...includes what you need, when you need it.
  • We are dedicated and committed to make sure your lawn looks the way you want it to look.
  • Let us help you with your lawn today!

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Professional flower bed and landscape cleaning that prevents future issues and promotes healthy, productive plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees.
With our landscape restoration service, you receive:

  • Intense Weeding
  • Raking and Debris Removal of Entire Landscaped Areas/Flower Beds
  • All Clipping and Debris are Hauled Away and Disposed of Properly.

Let us help you clean up and maintain your landscaping/flower beds.
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Let our lawn professionals save you hours of hard work!

Does seeing all the leaves covering your yard make you sigh? Are you one of the many people who claim leaf removal to be the job they dread the most? Leaf removal is not only cosmetic, but necessary for a healthy lawn next spring. Leaves left unattended can suffocate your lawn, causing root rot and fungus to your grass, resulting in brown, dead spots on your lawn!

Since the leaves don't just vanish into thin air, let Mike's Mowing and More do all that backbreaking work for you!

Benefits of removal/mulching fallen leaves:
  • Provides food for your soil during the cold months of winter
  • Conserves moisture for your soil
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Improves soil structure
  • Reduces weed growth
    • Once we rake/blow out all of your landscaping/flower beds, under decks, and around your home, we offer three ways to get rid of your leaves this fall:
    • Raking/blowing them to the curb for City of Cape Girardeau's scheduled pick up
    • Completely mulching, bagging, and then removing them from your property
    • Mulching them into your lawn with our mowers, providing a valuable recycleable resource for your lawn
    • Don't have leaves, but have pine needles? We also rake, bag, remove, and dispose of those as well!

    Let us help you clean up your yard this fall.
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    Protect and extend the life of your home and roof, by simply keeping your gutters clean!

    Cleaning gutters may be the most overlooked home maintenance chore. Most homeowners can't see into their gutters and aren't aware of the debris built up in them. Even if you know the importance of maintaining clean and properly functioning gutters, who wants to risk life and limb climbing on shakey ladders to get on their roof to tackle the messy job of cleaning gutters!?

    Well, Mike's Mowing and More does!

    Gutters are the key to keeping water out of your home. When they become clogged with leaves and other debris, this can cause all kinds of issues with your home:
  • They become heavy, causing them to pull away from the home, which can cause fascia & soffit rot.
  • Rotten wood draws termites, cockroaches, and mosquitoes to your home.
  • Water can also overflow from the gutter, allowing it to get into your home via leaky roof, which can cause damage to ceilings and walls as well as flooding your basement, all of which in turn can spawn mold and mildew to grow in your home.
  • Undiverted water collects and freezes in the winter. Frozen water expands, causing damage via cracks not only in sidewalks and driveways, but in the foundation of your home as well...not to mention, it can make for a slippery hazard for you and your family!
  • If the overflow of water doesn't freeze, it can still cause severe erosion of your landscaping, and around your home, which in turn, can eventually cause a sinkhole under your foundation, causing it to collapse!

  • With our gutter cleaning service, you receive:

    • All organic debris such as leaves and sticks, as well as asphalt shingle particles removed
    • Testing of all downspout functionality
    • Removal of blockages
    • Flushing of downspouts
    • Downspout repair
    • Removal of limbs rubbing roof
    • Bag and remove all debris

    Let us help you clean out your gutters and extend the life of your home today!
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    Delivering professional as well as reliable exterior power washing service to Cape Girardeau is absolutely nothing new to us! Our number of expertise consists of the following:
    We use

    • Residential pressure cleaning: Houses, condos and apartments
    • Commercial power washing: Includes retail stores, malls, strip centers, warehouses and large buildings
    • Home Owner Associations (H.O.A.'s) and property management companies

    Your #1 Power Washing & Pressure Cleaning Company
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