Leaf Removal/Clean up

What good is a nicely cut yard if it is covered up with leaves and debris? Trees make a nice addition to your land scape. they provide shade, they block the wind, the help with erosion, provide privacy and if you are lucky enough to have two close together you can hang a hammock!! There is one downfall to having trees and that is fall.  As the summer heat fades and they turn beautiful colors and create picturesque landscapes, but then they fall.  EVERYWHERE! On your yard, in your gutters, on the drive.  even if you don’t have trees the neighbor probably does and the wind seem to always blow them right into your yard! Well fear not!! Mike’s mowing and More is here to help! As mowing season ends every year we continue to stay busy with leaf removal and clean up. We also know that keeping your yard clean is a year round task and just because it is not fall doesn’t mean that you don’t have leaves, brush and other debris that needs removed Don’t waste your valuable time raking and cleaning up for hours just to have to find a place to put everything. Let us take care of it for you!

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