Mulching in Cape Girardeau

Many Key Benefits of Mulching:

mulching Cape Girardeau

Making use of mulch is an excellent landscaping and gardening habit however is not essential; the advantages, nevertheless, ensure it is well worth the effort and hard work. An excellent job of mulching your garden and yard usually provides these rewards:

Control Weeds –

Mulch limits the amount of weeds that spring up in the open spaces of your lawn or landscaping beds by limiting the amount of sunlight that can find its way to the weeds.Mulch-Commercial-Landscaping

Retains Moisture –

Mulch absorbs water and limits evaporation from the soil. Retaining moisture, especially during hot, dry seasons can not only help out your lawn and landscaping plants, but it can also help reduce your water bill.

Lawn Aesthetics –

Mulch can give your lawn a finished look by filling in the empty spaces while being one of the easiest fillers to maintain. Grass, ground covers and other fillers may take extensive care, such as mowing and watering, as well as competing for resources with your lawn plants. Mulch is easy to care for and never competes with your other lawn plants.

Maintains Soil Nutrients –

No only does mulch keep soil nutrients from being washed away with the rain, but it also can release nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material. This happens as the organic material slowly decomposes on top of the soil.

Impedes Soil Erosion –

Mulching not only keeps existing water trapped in the soil, it also keeps rain water from washing away your soil. It does this by breaking the fall of the water and therefore lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.

Encourages Earthworms to Move In

Using organic material for mulching can encourage earthworms to occupy your soil. And as any good gardener will tell you, earthworms help improve soil structure and nutrient cycling.
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