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Mike’s Mowing & More is definitely the Cape Girardeau #1 source to get the best top quality power washing, pressure cleaning, and exterior property or home clean up service. We only use the affordable power washingvery best quality products as well as contemporary professional equipment to make sure you obtain the most effective as well as long-lasting cleaning results.
Our staff of skilled professionals offers a comprehensive variety of power washing, pressure cleaning and exterior restoration services to residential homeowners and commercial businesses throughout the area.

Benefits Of Power Washing

Save Time

  • When you pressure wash your surfaces, there is also a significant time savings as compared to regular cleaning methods. In normal cleaning, you have to scrub the surface to loosen and remove debris.  Pressure washing utilizes the force of the water to remove most dirt from a surface.
  • Of course when we do the pressure washing, we save you 100% of your time.

Environmental Benefits

  • When you use a pressure washer, you do not necessarily have to use a cleaning solution in order to get the job done (unless you have a very tough job to take care of).  As a result, the toxic chemicals present in many cleaning solutions do not run down into storm water drains and the streets or into your lawn. This helps reduce the toxins that are present in the environment.
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